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Early in his career, the L. The title track, a routine about a trip to the garage, leaves empty spaces for lines read aloud at home from a script, which was included on the inside of the album cover. Over the course of the scene, you — yes, you — essentially grift Brooks and guest comic Georgie Jessel while picking up all the laugh lines. Wilson: Honky! Interviewer: Spade! Wilson: Honky honky! I nterviewer: Nigger! Wilson: Dead honky.

The frog story

Mooney is one of the all-time greatest comic minds on the subject of race, and this sketch showed just that. As a piece of comedy, it demanded attention. Mike Douglas. Yeah, come on! What would his reaction be, huh?

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I think it might go something like this. He turns back around, puts his hands to his eyes, and screams maniacally. Went With the Wind! While Burnett and her supporting cast of inveterate gigglers were known for their recurring characters, big performances, and breaking one another onstage, they also committed to opulent, crowd-pleasing movie parodies. When Elayne Boosler arrived on the comedy scene in the s, she broke ground for female comics with her brash, pro-sex material. In it, the writer-director-star literally builds on the work of his comedic predecessors, taking jokey-jokes and making them more introspective, neurotic, existential, and cerebral.

Even as Carlin punctuates his speech with a rhythmic, recurring loop of the seven words, his erudition and incisiveness make the bit the most intelligent dissection of swear words to date. Carlin revisited the routine for the better part of the decade. Of course, comics can say almost anything they want on TV these days. Yes, explaining the humor dries it up a little. The fact that the joke created a national catchphrase and made Martin an unprecedented stand-up megastar is a testament to how revolutionary it was.

The man an overwhelming number of comedians and comedy fans will espouse as the best of all time, Pryor was at his loopy, confessional, raucous, and blue best in the live setting. The latter sees Pryor sweating through his shirt and twitching behind his mustache, sticking and weaving as he moves from topic to topic, not unlike the fighters in his bit about boxing. As usual, Pryor makes stray observations about race as readily as he delves into drug addiction, and reveals his vulnerabilities as quickly as he gets political.

He also depicts a lot of strange things, the most memorable of which is a heart attack. Watch your diet! Rumack: Can you fly this plane, and land it? Rumack: I am serious The classic abounds with quotable one-liners and layered jokes that improve with time, but no one steals the show more than the straight-faced Leslie Nielsen imploring Robert Hays to land their out-of-control plane.


30 Funny Back-To-School Jokes

The Dalai Lama scene is a hilarious testament to improv training and the ingenuity of the human brain, influencing essentially all comic performers that came after it. Now, every actor in a comedy is asked if they got to improvise lines on set — this joke is why. Williams, with his struggles with abuse and his manic stage persona, embodied this better than anyone though he said he never performed high. Seven months before he taped the HBO special in which the joke appears, Williams was out with his friend John Belushi; the next morning Belushi would be found dead of a drug overdose. Williams was never known for being the most confessional comedian, if only because he never stayed on a topic long enough, but there is a powerful truth to his most famous joke.

60 Bad Dad Jokes

Okay, we need to compartmentalize here and consider Cosby, difficult as it has become, exclusively on the merits of his stand-up career — because those merits are staggering. Time was, his material about life and family bridged racial gaps and explored the role of modern fatherhood in a way that gave rise to such comics as Ray Romano, Louis C.

It was such a simple, evergreen bit that Carlos Mencia would be accused of nabbing it decades years later. Andy, are you close to doing this? Kaufman [from backstage]: In a minute. Kaufman and Letterman are, of course, two comedy legends, each with many bits that could have a place on this list.

But there is something nice about putting them together, as they were kindred spirits in expanding the meaning of comedy and entertainment. What could have been a one-off sight gag turns into an even longer bit as Letterman interviews them, with Andy disappearing for a stretch and returning to do his dead-on Elvis impersonation. Kaufman, at his best, pushed the buttons of comedy with a childlike innocence; Letterman did so with a bemused irony.

See a Problem?

And make 10 be the top number and make that a little louder? Of all his jokes, this one about exact replicas stands out for its imagery and many layers — it tells a little story with extreme brevity. Before she was an EGOT winner, Whoopi Goldberg, more than any comedian of her generation, made stand-up more theatrical. Getting her start as an actress, she was given opportunities at stand-up clubs like the Belly Room at L.

There, without a late-night set in her sights, she was free to do a show that would run well over an hour. Eventually, with the help of director Mike Nichols, she brought her show to Broadway. The comedy comes from how specific and well-drawn the character is. She had moxy, smarts, and stamina, and she never apologized for her jokes. She made a strong connection with Johnny Carson and, from there, she took off — writing, hosting shows, touring, and exhibiting the work ethic of a carpenter ant until the end of her life. There are some gossipy comics, e. Roseanne: Oh, well, it must be true.

I put in eight hours a day at the factory and then I come home and put in another eight hours. Roseanne: In the bathroom, third drawer. The show was revolutionary in its honesty and in its portrayal of a lower-middle-class leading woman as a working mother, something previously unseen on network TV.

Clarence: Oh, there they go. Rocky Marciano! Clarence: Joe Louis was 75 years old when they fought. This was the first, and arguably best, time we saw Murphy pull off what would become his signature multicharacter act. It was a perfect setting: Depicting barbershop culture that was never before seen on the big screen, it allowed Murphy to do what he did better than anyone — talk shit and embody very specific characters. The big payoff comes at the end, but everything Murphy says leading up to it is equally hilarious. Murphy was the biggest comedy star of the second half of the century, bringing a vitality and sense of now to comedy.

And then director Rob Reiner cuts to his mom, Estelle, who delivers the most-repeated line from the most famous scene in the history of romantic comedy. We dare you to think of a more oft-quoted moment in a rom-com. It has the everyday feel of the observational comedy of the s, but it hints at the alternative scene that would soon spring up — the bit started with her simply reading the box onstage to fill time. Tompkins on cake vs. That a sweet scene of good parenting and father-son bonding between Homer and Bart would lead to this string of perfect stupidity is an example of the show at its finest — a first-rate comedy with heart.

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  • But once Homer takes off on the skateboard, the relentlessness of the gag — the endless brutality, the stupid repetition — opened the show up to new levels of absurdism that would become its trademark. Jenkins, or I'll turn into Ice-T on your ass. This joke, which is set during the L. George: Exactly. Jerry: I think you may have something here. Like some other examples on this list, the story of this joke has become a sort of legend shared among comedians.

    Children's favourite jokes revealed - and toilet humour is still popular - Daily Record

    Backstage tensions were understandably high. And during this taping of the show, the audience was rough, booing the comedian who went on before Mac. He goes onstage, picks up the mic, and tells the audience exactly that.

    5 'Ben 10' Jokes You Missed as a Kid

    Instantly, the audience explodes in laughter. The moment captured so much about what was exciting about black comedy at the time. There was this urgency, this bravado, a bigness that demanded attention. The economy of language and the vividness of the pictures Foxworthy paints are quite astounding. This one joke broke Foxworthy into the mainstream, launched a merchandising bonanza, and spawned the Blue Collar Comedy Tour — not to mention the chicken-fried, low-brow comedic aesthetic associated with the troupe.

    In fact, culturally homogenous stand-up tours blossomed thanks to Foxworthy. You might equate this with a kind of Gulf of Tonkin incident for comedy, but just like a corny pop song, this joke can never be dislodged from our consciousness. Having spent 15 years looking for an audience, he had found some success in Britain, decrying the evils of American culture to a receptive audience.