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St Catherine's Island Photographic Print
  1. Abbotsbury (St. Nicholas), Dorset
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  3. ISBN 13: 9781873129012
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Brander, W. Cayton, C. Copson, R. Davies, Leonard S. Downes, R. Duke, R. Green, L. Hamilton, J. Harriman, M. Hawkins, Philip Henderson, , C.

Abbotsbury (St. Nicholas), Dorset

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Get e-book Abbotsbury sketched in mist and sunlight

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ISBN 13: 9781873129012

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#abbotsburyhill Instagram Photos and Videos

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Cows, coast and Colmer’s | Dorset Life - The Dorset Magazine

Smith, John Thomson, Constance M. Whittaker, A.

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Winwright -- 2. Stoner, John Thomson, Margot Toplis -- 5.

Ocean. The sun's rays through the clouds. Sketch. Marine paintings.

McClintock -- Cabinet Office W. Wilkinson -- Embassy Hungary T.

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  6. Stones -- Foreign Office W. Robinson -- Home Office -- Ministry of Information. Fagg -- Royal Mint C. Powell -- Neate -- Holt, Eng. Beswick -- 1. Frank Ernest , -- Rostrevor George Rostrevor , -- 6. John G. Mumby -- 1. Burge, H. A kestrel catching the last of the sun. Home About Gallery. Yesterday morning I stood here once more, studying the sculpted red cliffs behind the beach. At intervals, whitish bulges run vertically down from the cliff top.

    These are the fossilised roots of trees which had existed million years ago when Britain was part of a huge land mass much nearer the equator. These trees had sent roots down into the red sandy desert searching for water. Minerals that dissolved in the water grew in crystals round the roots encasing them. As time went by the streams moved and the plants died leaving the nodules encasing their roots. The fossilised remains tell this ancient story.

    It was hard work walking on the beach over large round pebbles varying in colour from pale pink to dark red, some with vivid splotches and others veined with lines of quartz. There were small black ones with white stripes and pink marbled ones mottled with brown. These pebbles come from a layer in the cliff called the Budleigh Salterton Pebble Bed. They are unique and were deposited by a river million years ago before being buried. Erosion has caused them to be dislodged from the cliff, forming the beach. They are made of a very hard rock called quartzite.

    On the shoreline were flanges of strange white jelly glistening among the pebbles.