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What makes Biblio different? Sign In Register Help Cart 0. The Lat. Pott, 2, The OHG. The World is often apostrophizedby Walther 37, In Ssk. The men of the golden ageare themselves called golden, Lucian's Saturn. So inSsk.

Les Miserables

Manascpsseems to corresp. And the Gael, siol, seed, often stands for people, men. The Hindus also held by three worlds:heaven, earth and hell, Iloltzm. Ileimr is opposed to hcl, Sa m. In the centre of the world lies anold stone, under it the measuring chain, Temmo's Altmark p. Other names : der maere mercgarte,Karajan 22, 15; der irdlshe gihel, Mar. The world-snake has its head knocked off by a throw of Thur'shammer, Su.

Even Fischart in Gosch. Atlas wanted to shift the globe to his other shoulder, to see whatthe great fish was doing' whereon the world is said to stand;'conf. Leviathan p. Pred, 2, ; in ditze chlageUchetal, Mar. The Finns too havetiine heavens, taivahan yheksiln an, Kal. But E-ask readsmyotviSr, and other expositors miotu'Sr. Is miotuSr the tree thesame as miotuSr, God p. Again : ' it aldna tre,' Saem. The snake gnawing at the roots of the ashmust mean mischief to it : well, Gei'm. But 0. Neither has the legend on the. It makes Scth look in at the door of Paradise and spy a sjjnng,which parted into the four rivers Pison, Gihon, Tigris andEuphrates ; at the source of the Euphr.

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Theserpent is he of the forbidden fruit-tree, but he answers toNiShoggr, the four rivers or springs corresp. But the wood of the Cross onlycomes of three pips off this tree, which grow up into three othertrees. Now where did this legend spring up? The Leg.

Les Miserables (Penguin Clothbound Classics)

Gi is very brief. With the Oriental fable of the mouse gnawing at the root ofthe bush in the well, ought to be conn, the Indian myth of thethin stalk of graxs hanging over a precipice, and unceasinglygnawed by a mouse, Holtzni.

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  7. The widely spread fableabove has even been painted, Mone 8, ; couf. Arab, iahennem, Pers. Hades is addressed as a person : wi'af 'AtSij, Soph. Lueian de luctu 2. Hades as avast and dark subterranean abyss, encircled by the fearful streamsof Cocytus and Pyriphlcgethontcs, and to be reached by sailingover the Acherusian bog. Dietrich in Hpt's Ztschr. Brynhildar , and fara til Jlcljar p. Saxo in Suppl. Beside the root of a tree of para-dise Seth looks into hell, and sees his brother Abel's soul.

    It iscurious that Brynhild on her hel-reicf drives through the JiciUsof a giantess, Sasm. Diu tiefe helle, MS. In the same sense death is called deep : an tlieneiliapun clod, Hel. The Greek underworld had an opening, through which Plutodescends when he has carried off Proserpine, Pans. The Teut. There isa Ilullthor-spUze in Salzburg, M.

    Koch's Eeise Der helle—invart is a hole at which all the dead went in. Yetthe heathen fancy of fires darting out of opened grave-mounds,and of hauga-eldr in general Foi'nald.

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    On the other hand we hear of helle-rj-o. In pop. Sachs i. The Christian hell has a pool ofpitch and brimstone : bech unde swebel, Diemer , 9 ; von demebechen , 22; beh-welle , In the miirchen of Dame Holle the gold-gate and 2 iich-gate stand opposed, like heaven and hell. Again :in dem swebel, Warn. The stench of hell may have been suggested by thenoxious fumes that rise out of clefts in the earth.

    Avernus is Gr. In Russ. To the Irisli too earth's navel was a stone, Lappenb.

    TEUTONIC MYTHOLOGY VOL. IV Pages - - Text Version | PubHTML5

    Irland 49''. Dillestein meansbottom-stone. Hellis a well, a helle-ptizze -pit , obene enge narrow at top , nidenewit, Wernh. Susl in cwisftnsle is appar. There also dwellsthe Jiell-hound p. Patrick's Purgatory by Th. Wright xi. He onlygets it out of ninth, mutare, and apuil, spolium; but the OS. That of wood, tree, is supported by Sseni. Lapp, mvora, muorra [Mong. Finnic, beside maa, seems to have moa, w. Domesday-bk has a man's name Sorfehrand.