Guide Sunshine Zoo #1: Monkey on the Loose

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I was amazed! For our trip to the zoo, my friend, Brie, and I decided to pack all of our kids into one car. Not many cars were in the parking lot when we arrived so we skirted through the entrance line with ease. Ten minutes later, I realized I had forgotten my cell phone in the car. I left the kids with Brie and sprinted out to the parking lot. The line was now twenty families deep. When I returned, we made a beeline straight to the aquarium portion of the park. Glimpsing a turtle fully extended underwater fascinated me.

Before, I had only seen them cocooned in their shells. A sea lion show! In Arizona! Who knew? Just like Sea World. Without Shamu. Which soaked them all. I wanted to go on this one, but was sidelined with Dude.

Learn more about these lessons.

No person under 30 inches is allowed to ride. A sky ride! No way! I loved it too. Mama and Dude up in the air. Make sure to secure all loose items including flip-flops. We were face to face with flamingos.

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Simply turn the dial, hold out your hand and feed a giraffe. Which brings me to: Tip 3 […]. When I was a kid, I loved the movies! I dreamed of becoming an actress and being on screen. At the event, your family can walk the red carpet and get your picture taken by paparazzi Act in front of a green screen. And older kids will have the opportunity to create their own film!

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Twelve of us stepped into the room. Wood panels covered the floors. Tan sections of pew sidled up to each wall. Good luck! I have to agree with the latter. The twelve us immediately broke apart and started searching the room for clues. I crawled on the floor and looked under the benches. My sister, Jamie and college roommate, Heather, started pulling out drawers located in the middle of the room. My brother-in-law searched the maps on the walls for any clues on how to get out of this place.

In a matter of minutes, we found our first break. Each key had a number written under it in a black sharpie. One had a 3 — the other had a 6. A collection of over 50 mailboxes decorated the north wall of the bank. Three of these mailbox doors hung open while the rest remained firmly shut. Every single box had a number.

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We checked box number No luck. We checked box We needed a key. We tried both boxes and 36 jettisoned open.

Sorry for the Inconvenience

Inside, lay our next clue. We brainstormed. We experimented. We searched the room again. After 5 minutes at an impasse, a ding echoed through the bank.

C’est quoi ce son ?

All 12 of us rushed towards the door. The mirror was actually a TV screen. Any time we were completely stuck or if we were about to destroy a prop in our search he would feed us little clues. We searched both pews. We crawled under them and finally found two numbers inscribed underneath. We used these to open another mailbox. The remainder of the hour had us cracking combination locks which my husband and cousin are very good at!

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So did we make it? Did we Escape the Room? It is within walking distance of many amazing eateries and bars. We started our night at BratHaus and then walked a few blocks to the location. Events like these tend to take a certain amount of stamina. Thank goodness, I was completely wrong. On our way! Mom: Soon. Five minutes later Kids: Mom, are we there yet?

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Moms: Just a few more days. Kids: What?!? Two minutes later Kids: Mom, are we there yet? Needless to say, when we did get there, this was the reaction. This is one of six.

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LEGO bricks for free! Everything is awesome! And found tons of opportunities to build. The kids quickly built a few creations. I love knowing that every visitor had a part in creating it. I was going for Mario. Our goal was to make […].