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  1. Meet The Musician Behind Bradley Cooper's Best Song In "A Star Is Born"
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  4. The House That Porterhouse Built

Young children are scared of him.

  • WWE Has Finally Found Its Next Big Part-Time Star?
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Diehard fans are thrilled to finally see a character-based performer that actually works. Lifelong fans who have been around the block a few times are reminded of the days of old every time Wyatt shows up and sends chills down their spine like no one has since, well, The Undertaker. Although the comparisons to The Undertaker have saddled Wyatt with some lofty expectations, he appears to be more than capable of living up to the tough task of becoming the closest thing to "The Deadman" that WWE has ever seen.

When it comes to Wyatt, who didn't wrestle a match for nearly a year before returning to the ring at SummerSlam, the issues with his previous "Eater of Worlds" character never stemmed from anything Wyatt himself did.

Meet The Musician Behind Bradley Cooper's Best Song In "A Star Is Born"

Prior to his absence that began right around this time last year, Wyatt was clearly one of the best big men in WWE and an elite level talker. The real issue was that his character never backed up what he said, so his promos—no matter how well he delivered them—ultimately didn't mean much because he almost always failed to deliver on his promises.

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Admittedly, WWE was facing a tough task to wash away the stench of Wyatt's previous character, but it has done a tremendous job of accomplishing just that. Wyatt has completely shed most reminders of his previous gimmick while keeping the right parts of it—like elements of his entrance music—intact.

Get Help With Understanding your Time & Labor options today!

Wyatt may ultimately turn out to be a classic case of "less is more. That way, whenever he does actually show up, it will seem like a big deal—just as it does with The Undertaker.

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WWE, after all, has relatively few major draws it can rely on nowadays. All of those names are part-time stars for a reason: It feels more special whenever they are around. WWE seems to be taking that same approach with Wyatt, who may be two decades younger than The Undertaker but will be used just like him as an infrequently seen star who thrives because you never know how much you're going to get to see him.

Explore TimeStar®, Insperity's Time Tracking Software Solution

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The House That Porterhouse Built

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